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3 MUST-HAVES for Empowered & Successful Women! 

Tj and Rima will share with you the time-tested 3 Must-Haves Formula they use to help their clients shift from feeling fed up, stressed out & shut down to... feeling filled up, plugged in & turned on! 

Tj Bartel, Energy Master & Tantric Educator 

Dr. Rima Bonario Women's Embodiment Coach 

We’ve Identified The Hidden Factors That Keep Women Stuck Even When They Are READY FOR CHANGE... And 3 Potent Practices That Will Help You Make A Powerfully Transformative SHIFT NOW!

We teach women who are ready to create a powerful, juicy life using 3 KEY PRINCPLES that bring forth a life that surpasses their wildest imaginings.

During this one-hour class, we will

  •  Define and unpack these three foundational principles
  •  Teach you a simple yet potent practice you can put into place immediately in each area  

PLUS... Take a free assessment to see where you stand in these three key areas and we will help you unpack your scores on the call.

In addition, we will share how these principles form the basis for the learning that will take place during our upcoming program: 

Awakening The Goddess Within: A Divine Feminine Journey Through Egypt

We are excited to be hosting 12 women for this amazing program that includes 6 monthly coaching sessions and 11 days of sacred pilgrimage to the ancient power sites of Egypt. 

 Perhaps you will feel called to join us as we sail along the luscious Nile River. Come experience ritual and ceremony in a private visit to Isis' Temple at Philae at dawn. Meet a 5th generation alchemist who will teach us about the sacred oils of Egypt. And SO MUCH MORE! 

If you are ready to step forward into your very best life and leave behind the world of relationship struggle, purpose confusion, false starts and abandoned hopes, then this program is for you.

We are down to our final places for this trip of a life-time!

BUT First things First. 

Click the link below and we will send you the webinar in which we share The Three MUST-HAVES for Empowered & Successful Women!

In this class you will learn the fundamental principles that we will explore on this trip and find out if you are ready for a serious and soulful deep dive. 

Or if you already know you want a place on the trip, don't delay. Just two spots are left! Email or to reserve your place today.

The Magic, Mystery & Mircales of Egypt Await

These teachings are the key I didn't even know I was looking for. They have changed EVERYTHING, and I am not one to make sweeping claims. These energy/body practices and new understanding of the specific way energy moves through my body as a woman have changed how I show up in the world, how I interact with others, and how I manifest. I have an entirely new understanding that, not only has changed how I do life, but will be woven into the next octave of my sacred work in the world. 

I wouldn't just 'recommend' this work. I would say it is nothing short of a necessary soul requirement for women to reclaim their natural state of divine grace and magic. These lost arts have opened up an entirely new understanding and my body is crying, "Thank you. Thank you. This is how it is supposed to be. This is my natural state." Stephanie Red Feather, Shamanic Coach & Facilitator

Being driven to succeed, working hard, be assertive, proving myself… All these things led to burnout, exhaustion and frustration in my work and in my body. I had to learn a different way. Entering this feminine Temple with a circle of sisters, I learned a new way. I now practice the feminine energy of receiving, allowing, and holding space. This is much more in alignment with who I am in my essence and it feels fantastic! 

With the guidance and gentle coaching I received, I have new tools that have helped me return to joy in my work and navigate through my life in an empowering, yet feminine, way. 

This work is the real deal for transformation and returning to your true self. Working with Rima is a game-changer! Joy Cherry, Non-Profit Executive