Take Your Relationship to the Next Level...

The Energy of Intimacy Couples Workshop 

A Three-Day Intensive Exploring Potent Practices for Exquisite Relationships

Tj Bartel Master Tantric Educator and Relationship Expert 

Rima Bonario, Th. D Women's Embodiment Coach, Author and Speaker

March 20 - 22, 2020 Helsingor, Denmark  

July 17 - 29, 2020 Las Vegas, NV

The Energy of Intimacy Workshop offers practical tools that will increase the emotional, spiritual, and sexual connection in your relationship.

What are your goals for your relationship? What kind of relationship do you desire?

Are you seeking to just get along; to have smooth sailing, no ups and downs? Or would you rather enjoy the thrill of the ups and recover gracefully from the inevitable downs?  

Many couples settle for having a “good enough” relationship even though deep down they want more. Some are afraidto "rock the boat" if things seem just fine. But if you are ready to go beyond "just fine" or if your relationship is bordering on trouble, now is the time to act to make it better, before things get worse, or much worse.

So often couples never realize the potential in their relationship, leaving some of the most potent possibilities for fulfilment and joy on the table. Why?  

It can feel risky to want something more. It can feel even riskier to ask for it…  

The couples we work with who take this risk have has a payoff beyond well beyond their imagining. If you are committed to learning about energetic practices, sacred sexuality, and conscious communication, you can build a relationship that is: 

  • Energetically Healthy: creating a deeply felt sense of comfort and safety 
  • Powerfully Resilient: virtually eliminating miscommunication and arguments 
  • Consciously Connected: building deep trust and mature bonding without codependence
  • Deeply Passionate: resolving physical, emotional, and psychological barriers to fulfilling sex  

Are you up for the risk of wanting something more in your relationship…more connection, more passion, more safety, more joy?  

Thousands of couples have done this work and created the kind of relationship they have always wanted but never thought possible. 

Even though most of us deeply value having loving and passionate relationships, we don't always know how to get there... 

This workshop is perfect for you if...

You have a good relationship, yet know that there are areas where you could improve your connection. 

Your relationship is in need of help or is in danger of ending. Give yourself the gift of attending this workshop BEFORE making any decisions about ending your relationship.

You and your partner have a desire to make your relationship stronger and healthier through better emotional and physical connection. 

You are engaged or recently married and want to keep the passion you feel now alive for years to come.

You are in a second or third marriage and you want to make sure your new relationship doesn't suffer the same fate as past relationships.

You would like to have more sex, better sex, and feel more love and attraction from and for your partner. 

You are curious about this energy and sex stuff and are willing to come with an open mind. 

You have GREAT sex and want to have really MIND-BLOWING sex! 

This workshop is NOT a good fit for you if...

You want a magic pill to swallow to fix all your issues.

You think your mate is the problem and don't believe that you have any room to grow. 

You are easily offended by frank conversation and language regarding emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy.

If you are ready to explore the possibility of a radically intimate and fulfilling relationship we welcome you...

Come sit in circle with other like-minded couples seeking to create exquisite relationships. Together we will build a safe and sacred container as we journey through nine content-rich modules.  

Please Note:

This workshop is a beginner's experience with conscious sexuality and energy work. There will be NO NUDITY. You will not be asked to do any sexual touching or even kissing in the group setting. All demonstrations will be clothed and the weekend will be focused on learning the art of conscious loving. You are invited to take what you learn into practice with your beloved in private.


  • Building Intimacy from the Outside In - Cultivating Community & Creating a Powerful Learning Container Building intimacy from the outside in will become a theme throughout the intensive. Consequently, the intensive begins with intention setting and community building to create a safe and sacred container for the work ahead.  
  • Module 1: The Most Important Thing - Energy Fields & Energetic Awareness With a strong container in place, we dive into our first module with Fundamentals of Energetic Awareness, an introduction to your energy body, its anatomy, and how it operates. Exercises and practices allow you to interact with and begin mastering your energetic anatomy so that you can show up in relationship and move through the world more present, grounded, connected, and clear. You will also learn the basics of recognizing energy fields, intentionally crafting your relationship's energy field, as well as safely and respectfully reading and navigating your partner's energy field.  
  • Homework: Do a short energy practice with your partner (or on your own) and report back on your experience in the morning session.  


  • BodyLove: Energetic & Sexual Fitness You will begin the day with a short yet powerful series of body-based energy practices and exercises that will increase the flow of energy in your body and wake up your body to its potential as a lover. 
  • CircleLove: Experience a meditation to invoke the container, deepen group intimacy, and set the stage for individual sharing in our Sharing Circle. Sharing and listening provides you with real-life scenarios for refection and a place to process what you are learning in each module.  
  • Module 2: Transmitting the Energy of Love - Hands-On Loving In Module 2, you will learn how to connect with the seven energy centers in the body called Chakras, as well as how to use your hands to build a circuit that can conduct vast amounts of energy, love, and wisdom through the body. You will have time to practice two ways to transmit the energy of love and deepen intimacy with your partner through hands-on exercises.  


  • Module 3: The Role of Polarity in Intimacy - Igniting and Sustaining the Spark In Module 3, you will learn the advanced energetic anatomy of your energy field's primary and secondary power poles. These poles play a defining role in whether your relationship sustains the natural tension and energetic attraction that underlies romance and sexual desire. You will learn the number one thing that kills romance in long-term relationships and what you can do about it, as well as understand how to avoid "the friend zone" or the "roommate trap" in your intimate relationships. Through real-life examples, demonstrations, and exercises, you will get a felt-sense for how to increase the polarity between you and your partner so that you can re-ignite or increase the sexual spark in your relationship.  


  • Module 4: The Dance of Love - Unlock the Body's Energetic Pathways In Module 4, you will learn the importance of breath, movement, and sound before, during and after moments of sexual intimacy. Practice powerful breathing techniques with your partner. Watch a demonstration of movement during love-making that keeps the energy flowing.
  • Module 5: Love Me Tender…or Not - The 7 Levels of Touch Touching is an art in itself and knowing how to touch in ways that evoke pleasure is more involved than you might think. In Module 5, you will learn about the various speeds, depths of pressure, and energetic focus found in the 7 Levels of Touch and have a chance to practice six of the levels with your partner.  
  • CircleLove: Day 2 will close with another opportunity to deepen intimacy within the group through a round of individual reflections and check outs.  
  • Homework: Do a breathing and touch practice with your partner (or on your own) and report back on your experience in the morning session.  


  • BodyLove: Energetic & Sexual Fitness You will begin the day with a short yet powerful series of body-based energy practices and exercises that will increase the flow of energy in your body and wake up your body to its potential as a lover. 
  • CircleLove: Experience a meditation to invoke the container, deepen group intimacy, and set the stage for individual sharing in our Sharing Circle. 
  • Module 6: The Miraculous Mouth - Kissing and Honoring Practices Because the art of kissing and the secrets to masterful oral sex are not part of the usual school curriculum, most of us start as teens and bumble our way along hoping to get it right. In Module 6, you will learn information you'll wish you had before your first kiss or sexual experience. Like with touch, you will learn the different speeds, depths of pressure, and areas that can evoke incredible pleasure.


  • CircleLove: Experience a Puja to drop the group into its deepest intimacy yet, setting the stage for the afternoon's modules. 
  • Module 7: Understanding the Magic of Orgasm - It's Good for Your Health! Men and women will get an introduction to various types of female and male orgasms, including an introduction to female ejaculation (Amrita) and male ejaculatory control. 
  • Module 8: A Gift to The Goddess - Loving the Sacred Spot Men and Women will separate into different groups for coaching and instruction on giving and receiving Sacred Spot Massage. Men, you will learn how to bring forth the Giving Energy of the Sacred Lover to make a safe environment for a woman to open, as well as the fundamentals of the sacred spot technique including applying all you have learned thus far about breath, sound, movement, touch, and energy for hours of pleasure. Men, you will also receive coaching on how to receive feedback from your partner. Women, you will learn how to bring forth the Receiving Energy of the Sacred Lover to allow yourself the opportunity to open and deeply receive the love being given to you, applying all you have learned thus far about breath, sound, movement, touch, and energy for hours of pleasure. Women, you will also receive coaching on how to offer feedback to your partner.  
  • Module 9: The Power of Words: Conscious Communication Because lovemaking is actually going on 24/7, the way we communicate with our beloved is a critical component of creating safety and openness - two key aspects of intimacy. In Module 9, you will get an overview of conscious communication techniques including The 7 Things That Disrupt Communication and The 5 Best Romance Enhancing Communication Techniques.  
  • Closing Circle: Day 3 will close with a final opportunity to deepen intimacy within the group through a round of individual reflections and check outs.  
  • Homework: You are invited to practice any of the things you learned during the intensive, especially kissing, honoring, and/or sacred spot massage with your partner.  

What are Couples Saying?

I was very skeptical when my wife suggested we do this work together. I honestly had no idea what was possible. We are in a whole new world of love now. This is the real deal. ~ TW 

We had tried getting help from a lot of people, including counselors and therapists. We even considered splitting up. We're so grateful that didn't happen before we found this work. ~ JS and KS

We have had such a powerful shift in our relationship in just a few days. We are happier, better connected, and now we are making more love than we ever have. Thank you! Thank you, so very much! ~RE  

I was excited to learn more about Tantra. I had heard only bits and pieces but it sounded like what I wanted. I got so much from the weekend. I am amazed at how quickly we put it into practice. ~DG  

Dear Rima & Tj:  

I just have to share that since taking the workshop with you, in 48 hours my relationship has COMPLETELY turned around! I thought we might be done, but now my partner has told me he wants to create a deep connection with me and that he wants to spend hours doing our sacred relationship practices and giving to me. He texted me out of the blue today and told me how deeply he appreciates me. I am truly amazed and grateful and even moderately shocked. I applied what I learned in the workshop and it made all the difference. I’m softening, slowing down, allowing and not questioning him about everything all the time. Thank you! The workshop was truly a divine appointment. 


Meet the Facilitators

Tj Bartel

Tj Bartel Author, Tantra Educator, Relationship Coach

Tj is a relationship expert and couples coach with a very unique approach to Conscious Sexuality that integrates modern neuroscience, cutting edge personal growth techniques, and ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom.  

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at San Diego State University, Tj graduated at the top of his class at Tony Robbins Mastery University. He trained with Charles Muir, the grandfather of the modern tantra movement. 

After becoming an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator, Tj taught at Source School of Tantra Yoga for 15 years. He also studied Tantra with Margot Anand and Taoism with Mantak Chia and Chi Nei Tsang with Gilles Marine. Tj's insights on conscious sexualiy can be found in his best-selling book, Be a Great Lover Overnight - 8 Steps to Sexual Awakening: A Man's Guide to Loving a Woman.  

Tj's signature online course The Great Lover Blueprint based on his book supports men and couples in deepening their capacity for emotional and physical intimacy. Most recently, Tj has developed a powerful new practice called LEAP: Lifeforce Energetic Alignment Protocol to to help people understand and upgrade their body’s energetic operating system. It is this system which is at the root of both emotional and physical pain. In addition, Tj also enjoys leading sacred pilgrimages exploring the magic and mystery of Ancient Egypt with his current teaching partner Dr. Rima Bonario. 

Tj studied energetic mastery with Lynda Caesara in Berkeley California for 10 years and served as her teaching partner for five years. He also brings his knowledge of modern neuroscience, NLP, NAC, and neural pathways reprogramming to the equation, which he explores in his audio book, Create More Passion Tonight: Uniting Ancient Wisdom and Modern Brain Science with renowned neuroscientist Daniel Amen.  

Dr. Rima Bonario Women's Embodiment Coach Author & Speaker 

Rima's passion is facilitating potent processes and soulful healing practices that bring about a reconnection to our inherent sacred wholeness. As a co-founder of The Q Effect with Dr. Jane and Dr. Gary Simmons, Rima co-created a 21-day shadow-work called the Q Process™. This work combines brain science, quantum physics, attachment theory, family systems theory, shadow work, and universal spiritual laws into a practical, 21-day transformational shadow work practice. 

Rima earned her doctorate in Transformational Psychology from Holos University Graduate Seminary, where she was awarded the Gold Medal Emerging Scientist Award from the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) for her research validating the effectiveness of The Q Process.  

Rima also facilitates energetic alignment and embodiment work addressing the conditioning and patterns that keep us from managing our body's energy dynamics in healthy ways. One of her greatest loves is leading transformational travel journeys and sacred pilgrimages to spiritually potent locations such as Egypt, Southern France, and the British Isles. Rima's writing has been included in two volumes of the Feminine Evolutionary Series from Flower of Life Press, Pioneering the Path to Prosperity, Sacred Body Wisdom, and the soon to be released volume Set Sail. She is also the co-author of the popular book Who Have you Come Here to BE? 101 Possibilities for Contemplation and the companion twin card decks.

Rima has trained with Master Energy Teacher Lynda Caesara learning powerful practices that anyone can do to create a deeper sense of well-being, vibrancy, purpose and peace. She and her husband Tobias White have also studied the path of Tantra with Tj Bartel, Charles Muir, and Mantak Chia.

March 20 - 22, 2020 Location: Helsingor, Denmark

hotel by the sea

We are excited to offer this transformative retreat at the Marienlyst Strandhotel in Helsingor, Denmark. Offering a private beach, this hotel is set on the shores of the Øresund Strait, just 0.6 mi from Kronborg Castle. Rates include free casino admission, free parking and free WiFi access. All rooms at Marienlyst Strandhotel feature cable TV, a mini-bar and a seating area with a table.  

Guests can purchase entry into the hotel spa which features saunas, hot tubs and a variety of spa treatments. Fitness facilities and a yoga room are available free of cost. The in-house restaurant Brasserie 1861, with panoramic views of the Øresund strait, offers Nordic cuisine with focus on local, organic ingredients. There are also outdoor terraces with sea views. Helsingør’s Old Town is a 5-minute drive away. Helsingør Golf Club is 1.6 mi from Marienlyst Strandhotel.  

REGISTER BELOW NOW For more information about this event, please enter your email address to the right and Helle Trankjær, our Demark event coordinator, will contact you .

July 17 - 19, 2020 Location: Lake Las Vegas

We are excited to offer this transformative retreat at the Hilton Resort, formerly the Ritz Carlton, on Lake Las Vegas, just 17 minutes from the Las Vegas Airport, but a world away from the city. The hotel spa is lengendary and the lakeside setting offer fun and relaxing activites. Rooms are available at a special block rate of $120/night (while they last). Booking details will be provided once you have registered for the event. 

Registration Details

Save Up to $300 when you register early.  

Choose one payment of $1575 per couple or 5 payments of $325 per couple when you resgiter by November 31 (Denmark) or May 31 (Vegas). 

Registration is $1875 per couple after December 1 (Denmark) or June 1 (Vegas).

Space is limited to 15 couples.

BONUS: Three Integration Video Calls

To support you in putting all you learn into practice, Tj & Rima will facilitate three follow up video calls using ZOOM technology every two weeks following the workshop. 

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Helsingor, Denmark March 20-22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada July 17-19, 2020

March 20-22, 2020 in Helsingor, Denmark
One Payment of $1575 (by 11/31/19)
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July 17-19, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV
One Payment of $1575 (by 5/31/20)
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If you are not completely satisfied with your workshop experience at the end of the event, we will happily refund your tuition. 


Q: Is this workshop open to singles? A: Singles can attend the workshop as long as you bring a friend/lover to work with as the seats are only sold in pairs. 

Q: Is this workshop good for members of LGBTQ Community? A: This workshop is offers practices for all types of couples. Even though some of the language may skew more toward heterosexual couples, every teaching will work well within LGBTQ relationships.  

Q: Can I attend if I have to miss part of the workshop? A: Due to the deep nature of this work, it would not serve the conaitner to have people missing during any parts of the workshop. For this reason we ask that you be present during the entire course.

Q: My partner and I are unwinding our relationship, can we still attend? A: We believe that all relationships can benefit from these teachings. You are welcome to attend as long as you can attend without having any relationship conflicts errupt in a way that affects the teaching environment. In addition, you will need to consider how comfortable you may feel doing some of the paired exercises during the workshop. The homework is optional.  

Q: Are meals provided? A: A deicious lunch on Saturday and Sunday will be privded. Breakfast and dinner are on your own. There are many restaurants on the lake where you can enjoy a lovely dinner as well as restaurants in the hotel. 

Q: Can I get a refund if I have to cancel? A: Cancelations before Dec. 15 / May 15 will be issued a full refund minus a $50 cancelation fee. Cancelations after Dec. 15 / May 15 and before January 30 / June 30 will be issued a 50% refund. No refunds are offered after January 30 / June 30. In the case of an unforseen emergency after January 30 / June 30, the registration fee will be held as credit for a future event or may be applied to private coaching sessions with Tj and/or Rima. 

Intersted, but not sure if it it's right for you? Email us and we'll schedule a phone call to chat with you about the class. Please enter your email to the right and we will reach out to you soon.

The Energy of Intimacy Workshop with Tj Bartel and Rima Bonario, Th.D 

Tj Bartel

Helsingor, Denmark March 20-22, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada July 17-19, 2020

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